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Buy Cell Phone

How to Buy a Cell Phone

Buy Cell Phone

Buy Cell Phone

These days, smartphones get the entire phone, but the vast majority of handsets sold in the U.S. are actually feature phones: camera phones, music phones, rugged phones, messaging phones, or just plain voice phones.

Few tools of modern technology have become as prevalent as the cell phone, which allows you to be in touch (almost) all the time, (almost) anywhere. And you can do more than just talk–today’s phones let you send and receive e-mail and text messages, surf the Web, and play music and videos.

Unlike smartphones, feature phones are a matter of “what you see is what you get.” They don’t receive magical software upgrades or run thousands of additional apps, as does the iPhone, for example. That doesn’t mean they only make calls, though you can find phones that only make calls, if a basic phone is what you want. But most feature phones include some combination of a camera, a basic Web browser, e-mailing and text messaging apps, and music and video players.

Ready to find your phone? Here’s what you should consider before you , Buy Cell Phone, start shopping and we’ll walk you through what you need to know

Buy Cell Phone – Specs Explained

While a cell phone can make your life easier, just getting one can be a huge hassle. When you look at handsets and service plans, the sales reps may bombard you with a ton of terms and restrictions.

The two most important questions to ask yourself before you decide on a phone and plan are, “How much will I use the phone?” and “Where will I use it?” Those two questions will help you determine how many minutes you need and whether to go with a local, regional, national, or international plan.

The service meter starts running the minute you place and receive calls. The most common plans are national plans, which allow you to call from anywhere in the United States (and perhaps from some parts of Canada) without additional charges. You may also be able to sign up for a local service plan (one that allows you to make and receive calls from within your local area without so-called roaming charges being added) or for a regional plan that allows you to call from a wider area without incurring additional charges. If you travel overseas, look for an international plan that lets you use your world phone both stateside and in several other countries.

Many companies require that you buy a phone from them when you sign up. Some offer great discounts when you do so. In some cases you can buy the phone from a third party and sign up for service with the carrier of your choice.

Buy Cell Phone – Specs

Because you’ll be carrying the phone, its weight and size are fairly important factors to consider before you Buy Cell Phone. Most cell phones weigh from 3 to 6 ounces; generally, the more expensive a phone is, the smaller and lighter it is. (Smartphones with QWERTY keyboards, however, are an exception to this rule; they tend to be bulkier and heavier than standard cell phones.)

Battery life is another important factor Buy Cell Phone, since it determines how long you can go without recharging the phone, and you don’t want to be stranded with a dead battery. Talk-time battery life can range from little more than 1 hour to over 10 hours, depending on your handset. A phone that supports a 3G network is likely to have a shorter battery life than a non-3G phone. “Standby battery life” refers to battery life while the phone is on but not in use. Vendors will estimate both talk-time and standby battery life, but their estimates do not always reflect real-world usage.

Today’s phones let you do more than just talk. You can send and receive instant messages and even listen to songs or watch videos after downloading them. You need to take into account what you’d like to do with your phone before deciding on the right handset for you. Most low-end phones support sending and receiving text messages, handling basic e-mail chores, and doing limited Web surfing. More low-end phones are adding features like built-in cameras and music playback, but if you want faster or more-advanced Web access, video playback and recording, or GPS functionality, you’ll probably have to spring for at least an average or higher-end cell phone. And if you’re looking for a phone that will let you view and/or edit Office documents, consider a more-advanced smartphone.

Choosing among single-, dual-, tri-, and quad-band phones isn’t critical for most users. The more bands a phone supports, the more frequencies it picks up. Quad-band phones, as their name suggests, operate across four frequency bands. As a result, theoretically, they provide better coverage than tri-, dual-, or single-band phones.

Buy Cell Phone – Choose Your Carrier

Cell phones are more than just convenient communication tools: They allow you to check e-mail, sync with the calendar and contacts on your PC, dial a number by the sound of your voice, surf your favorite Web sites, take photos, play games, send text messages, view and edit documents, listen to music, and more. But choosing a phone–and the service plan to go with it–requires some legwork.

Your choice of phone may depend on your choice of wireless service provider. If you’re shopping for a carrier, you first need to figure out which carrier offers the best coverage and monthly service plan in your area. Then you’ll have to select a phone from the assortment that your chosen service provider offers. With the exception of a few handsets, most phones work only on one provider’s system because carriers have mutually exclusive networks, and many carriers lock their phones so you can’t take the same phone to another provider.

The third generation of mobile communications technology, commonly called 3G, is now more widely available. It’s supposed to boost data-transfer performance to 2 megabits per second from the more common data-transfer rate of 19.2 kilobits per second, and is particularly handy if you use a phone to wirelessly access data such as e-mail, text messages, and the Web.

Though the availability of 3G service has improved, it remains a mixed bag outside most major metropolitan areas. Sprint and Verizon Wireless use the Evolution Data Optimized (EvDO) network, which offers average download speeds of 400 to 700 kbps and potential maximum download speeds of 2 mbps. AT&T and T-Mobile support a 3G network called HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), which is available only on select handsets. (AT&T’s HSDPA is also available for use with PC Cards.) In theory, HSDPA can reach download speeds of 3.6 megabits per second; in actuality, it delivers average download data rates of 400 to 700 kbps with bursts to more than 1 mbps. AT&T is currently upgrading its network to support HSDPA 7.2, which can deliver download speeds of up to 7.2 mbps; the upgrade won’t be complete until 2011, however. While more phones are offering support for HSDPA, many AT&T and T-Mobile phones still support EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution), which promises data transmission speeds of 384 kbps, and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), with an average speed of 40 kbps but the capability to go up to 115 kbps.

Buy Cell Phone – Key Phone Features

Wireless standard: World travelers are more affected by wireless standards than are users based strictly in the United States. Most of the world uses networks based on the GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) standard. U.S. carriers, however, use a variety of networks in addition to GSM. U.S. carriers work on the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution), and/or EvDO (Evolution Data Optimized) standards. AT&T runs on the AMPS, EDGE, GSM, GPRS, and TDMA networks. Sprint Nextel uses the iDEN network exclusively. Sprint and Verizon Wireless run on CDMA and EvDO. T-Mobile supports GSM and GPRS networks. It is important to note that while AT&T runs on both GSM and TDMA networks, the services and the phones that use them do not interoperate.

Band support: The more radio bands a phone supports, the more frequencies it picks up. Quad-band phones, as their name suggests, operate across four frequency bands. Theoretically, they provide better coverage than triple-, dual-, or single-band phones. These so-called world phones are compatible with four GSM frequencies–850 MHz (prevalent in the United States), 900 MHz (prevalent in Europe), 1800 MHz (prevalent in Asia), and 1900 MHz (also available in the U.S.). As a result, they function around the globe. You can also find tri-mode phones that work on two digital frequency bands in addition to an analog network, a particularly handy feature if you travel to rural areas.

Wi-Fi support: A phone that can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots enables you to surf the Web or transfer data at much higher speeds. Even if your phone supports 3G networks, you may want Wi-Fi support, too, as it tends to be faster and more reliable than cellular networks. It can be cheaper, too, since surfing on a Wi-Fi network doesn’t require using your carrier’s service.

Design: You can choose among flip-open, clamshell-style phones; nonflip, candy bar-style phones; slider-style phones that–obviously–slide open; and swivel phones that twist open. Low-end flip phones may lack a separate caller ID screen, but many of today’s phones sport dual screens–a small, external LCD on the cover plus an internal display. If you buy a nonflip phone, make sure it has a keypad lock that prevents inadvertent dialing–a helpful feature when you put the phone in a pocket or bag.

Whichever type of phone you choose, check its ergonomics. Is it comfortable against your ear, and can you hear callers without constant adjustment? Can you use the phone with one hand? Consider hands-free use: Can you comfortably hold the phone to your ear by scrunching your neck and shoulder? Also, look for the placement of the headset jack–a jack located on top of the phone is often more convenient than one located on the side.

Size and weight: Part of what makes a phone easy to use is its portability. A typical standard cell phone weighs less than 4 ounces, and cell phones continue to get smaller and slimmer than ever. Smartphones with full QWERTY keyboards, such as a Palm Treo or BlackBerry device, tend to be a bit larger, which you should keep in mind if you plan to use one for long phone calls.

Battery life: Most new phones allow at least 4 hours of talk time and 2 to 6 days on standby. Some phones can last up to 14 days or more on standby. Keep in mind that several factors affect battery life; high-speed 3G networks tend to be power-hungry, for example, and the phones that support them often have shorter battery life. The signal strength of your cellular service also has an effect, since a phone that constantly searches for signals will run itself down quickly. Depending on the phone, recharging the battery should take about an hour or longer. When you buy a phone, consider optional accessories such as a higher-capacity battery and a portable charging adapter for use in a car.

Screen: If you intend to send and receive text messages, surf the Web, or use the phone’s organizer, make sure the screen is up to snuff. Make sure it’s big enough for you to take full advantage of the phone’s features. If you’re going to surf the Web or edit office documents on your phone, a screen that’s less than 2.5 inches diagonally will feel very small.

The screen’s contrast and backlight strengths are also important. The phones we’ve seen show marked differences in viewing quality. If your phone allows you to adjust such settings, you can make text and graphics easily viewable–even in bright places.

You also should consider the screen’s resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the screen will look–an important consideration if you plan on using your phone to watch videos or look at photos.

When the first-generation iPhone, it touched off a touch-screen frenzy. Since then, more and more phones have come out with touch screens. If you’re looking for such a phone, keep in mind that not all touch screens are created equal. Some–like the iPhone’s screen–support multitouch, which means they can register more than one touch point at a time. This technology allows you to pinch and grab the screen to zoom in and out on a Web page, for example. Other phones support single touch only, and can register only one tap at a time. Some touch screens also offer a type of feedback–either a slight vibration or a sound–when they register your touch, which can prevent you from tapping needlessly. Finally, consider ease of use: How simple is it to scroll through items on a particular touch-screen menu? Can you adjust the sensitivity of it to your liking?

Voice communications and organizer: Mobile phones bombard you with call-management features–voice-activated calling, voice recording, phone books, call histories, speed dialing, and so on. Enabling some of the features (such as caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling) depends on your service plan. Most phones also provide security features that can restrict incoming and outgoing calls, lock the keypad, and protect or mass-delete phone book entries. Many handsets also provide a speakerphone. Some even function as two-way radios, connecting you with others on the same carrier; and in many cases, such communications don’t count as airtime–a great benefit for IT personnel and other roving staff.

If you want to talk on the phone hands-free (a must if you use the phone while driving), look for a model that comes with a headset or an earphone. If you don’t want to mess with cords, consider a phone that supports Bluetooth, which allows you to pair the device with a wireless Bluetooth headset.

Wireless data: Nearly all cell phones are capable of sending and receiving e-mail and instant messages, downloading custom ring tones and simple games, or connecting to the Internet (sometimes merely by way of a minibrowser that’s designed to work best with text-only versions of popular sites like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo). Such features, however, are heavily dependent on your provider and your service plan.

Going online while you’re waiting for the elevator is a cool idea, but most phones connect at slow speeds: only up to 115 kbps on a GPRS network and up to 384 kbps on EDGE; 3G networks, such as EvDO and HSDPA, provide faster connections at up to 2 mbps. A Wi-Fi connection can be faster and more reliable than a carrier’s data network, but you must be within range of a wireless hotspot in order to use it.

Keypad: If you can’t figure out how to use certain functions on a phone pretty quickly (with or without consulting the manual), try another; remember, though, that if you’re looking at a phone that packs a lot of features, you should spend some time learning how to use them. Regardless, the keypad layout and menu system should be intuitive. The buttons should be responsive and easy to press. Check out the navigation buttons on the keypad. A joystick-style knob on some phones can make navigating menus quick. Most handsets come with up/down and left/right arrow keys. Buttons that protrude slightly are much easier to use than flat or recessed keys.

Many phones come with a small QWERTY keyboard. The tiny keys may not suit everyone, but they can save you a great deal of time if you plan to use your phone for sending e-mail messages and editing office documents. Even very small QWERTY keyboards can be much easier to use than a software-based keyboard on a touch-sensitive screen.

Operating system: If you’re looking to do more than make calls and send text messages with your phone, you should consider the platform on which it runs. The mobile operating system you choose will greatly affect the capabilities of your phone. Smartphones that run the Windows Mobile OS, for example, usually come with mobile versions of the Microsoft Office suite, so you can view and edit documents when you’re away from your PC. Windows Mobile is available on a wide range of handsets from all carriers, so you’ll have plenty of choice in hardware. BlackBerry smartphones run the BlackBerry OS, which has recently been updated. It sports a newer, more modern look and is easier to use than in the past. Various third-party software titles are available for BlackBerry phones, and with the launch of BlackBerry App World (an on-phone download catalog), we should see even more. The Palm OS is not as widely available, but it retains a devoted follow ing, largely because of its easy learning curve; you’ll also find a good deal of productivity software available for Palm OS-based phones. The Symbian platform, which is available on most Nokia smartphones, is not as user-friendly, but it supports a range of business and productivity apps.

Newer platforms include the modified version of the Mac OS that runs on Apple’s iPhones. While the iPhone doesn’t ship with any true office applications, it does include easy access to Apple’s App Store, where you can find an incredible range of applications–for work and play–available for download. Another new platform is Google’s Android, which is available on relatively few handsets so far, such as the T-Mobile G1 smartphone. Android phones include access to their own marketplace for downloading applications, but the selection there isn’t as vast as that at Apple’s App Store–though it is growing. The newest platform is Palm’s WebOS, available on the Palm Pre. WebOS offers many refinements not found on other mobile platforms–including the ability to keep more than one application at a time open for multitasking. WebOS also offers its own application catalog, but the platform is still quite new, and the sel ection of applications is sparse.

Next, Buy Cell Phone, What Are Your Feature Priorities?

Because feature phones do almost everything, you should decide what capabilities you need or want most. Start narrowing down your choices by first ranking the five major categories of features in order of importance: voice, messaging, camera, media playback, and Web/GPS/games/miscellaneous. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to concentrate on a filtered-down selection of feature phones.

If you’re big on text messaging, you want to focus on messaging functionality. If you’ve got a small child, a camera is probably important. If you want to ditch your iPod, keep an eye out for good media features.

Since it’s a given that you want your calls to sound good, you may feel you should focus mainly on voice rather than other features. You don’t need to worry too much about that. The vast majority of phones sold today have solid voice capabilities. Paying attention to the other features you like, and then double-checking to make sure the phone you choose delivers on voice quality, makes it easier to sift through a long list of handsets.

Voice ; Reading reviews and trying out a phone before you buy it are the best ways of gauging voice quality. Most phones fit into a broad middle range of reception and sound quality. But you can still find phones that are uncommonly loud or have a lot of “side tone,” that is, the feedback of your own voice in your ear (which can help you avoid yelling into the phone).

If you’re primarily interested in voice and you’re looking at AT&T or T-Mobile, focus on 3G phones. Those carriers’ 3G networks offer superior voice quality to that of the 2G networks. The major downside is that AT&T and T-Mobile 3G phones have about half the battery life of 2G phones.

Important voice features to look for include no-training voice dialing, Bluetooth headset support, and a standard (2.5mm or 3.5mm) wired headset jack.

Yes, there are still super-simple phones out there that basically only make calls. The Sanyo PRO 200 on Sprint and the Samsung Knack SCH-U310 on Verizon Wireless are two high-quality voice-only phones.

Messaging; Texting, e-mail, and IM capabilities are showing up in more and more phones these days. If you intend to text often, get a plan with unlimited text messaging—it’ll likely save you money in the long run. The best phones for heavy messaging have full QWERTY keyboards, like Verizon Wireless’s Samsung Alias 2 SCH-u750 and AT&T’s Pantech Matrix C740. You may also want to check to ensure that the phone supports threaded texting, a feature that groups together all text messages from the same sender. The Alias 2 supports threading, but relatively few other phones do.

Don’t expect e-mail or IM on feature phones to give you a full smartphone experience. Feature-phone e-mail programs typically download your e-mail in text-only mode, without attachments, and feature-phone IM programs often won’t let you access your AIM buddies. Sprint’s e-mail program, on handsets like the Samsung Rant, is the best of the bunch, supporting multiple accounts and some attachments.

Camera; The great thing about a phone with a camera is that you always have it with you, so you end up photographing moments you would have otherwise missed. Camera phones are becoming as good as low-end digital cameras, in many cases taking print-worthy photos.

If you’re interested in taking shots with your camera phone at all, don’t settle for less than 2MP. Keep an eye on reviews to see which phones take washed-out, compressed-looking photos and which take bright, clear shots. It’s harder to find a good video phone than a good camera phone. If you want to post your videos online or burn them to DVD, look for a phone that takes 320-by-240-pixel videos, at 15 frames per second or better.

A few camera phones we’ve seen really stand out. The Motorola MotoZINE ZN5 and Samsung Memoir SGH-T929 on T-Mobile take 5MP and 8MP photos, respectively. The ZN5 has very little shutter delay. The Memoir takes somewhat better pictures, but you have to wait for them.

Media; If you want to get rid of your iPod, your best bet is one of Verizon Wireless’s phones with V CAST Music with Rhapsody; these sync with the powerful Rhapsody music program on Windows PCs. Otherwise, look for the many phones that sync with Windows Media Player. Mac users are pretty much out of luck for syncing music on feature phones—you’ll have to drag and drop your songs onto a microSD memory card.

You also want a phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can listen to your songs with standard music headphones. If you get a phone with a 2.5mm jack, or even worse, a proprietary one, you’ll need a clumsy adapter to use quality headphones. As an alternative, look for a phone that supports stereo Bluetooth wireless headphones. Verizon’s LG Chocolate 3 VX8560 is one example of a top-notch music phone, with a standard jack, stereo Bluetooth support, and access to Rhapsody.

Feature phones typically don’t make very good video players. They often can’t sync video with PCs and don’t come with software to convert video into the often-obscure formats they support. (If you’re a bit of a hacker, you can force your video into a phone-friendly format.) Look for a phone with a larger screen for video watching, like the LG Dare VX9700 for Verizon.

Web/GPS/Games/Etc; Some phones have decent browsers that display most Web pages; others only have basic WAP browsers. If you want to surf often on your phone, you may want to consider Sprint, since the carrier will let you install the third-party Opera Mini Web browser on its devices. Most current phones come with some variety of for-pay GPS capability—but be sure to get a handset with a loud speakerphone so you can hear the directions. Phones can play games, too. Verizon’s LG Versa VX9600, for example, is a great choice with its optional dedicated game pad.

And for the accident-prone, some phones, like AT&T’s Samsung Rugby or Verizon Wireless’s G’zOne series, are even ruggedizedor waterproof.

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Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements Product Reviews

Britax Replacement Car Seat Cover – Marathon Decathlon or Roundabout

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements

The covers are made to last through all a toddler dishes out! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we are confident you will be impressed with the quality of our products! Our covers are made to be washed, many times over, to keep them clean and comfy for your child. Every cover is made to the highest standard! Available for the Roundabout, Marathon or Decathlon. Contact us for the Regent and Boulevard. Please indicate the model car seat you have, if none is indicated a Marathon size will be sent Please email if you are in need of a Regent, Frontier or Boulevard cover, I make those by request. (prices vary) Please visit my storefront to see all 70+ designs. Please click to see Britax Replacement Car Seat Cover – Marathon Decathlon or Roundabout recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist.

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements – Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat

The Britax Roundabout 55 convertible car seat accommodates children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 20 to 55 pounds. The Roundabout 55 is purposefully designed and engineered to minimize the forward movement of your child’s head during a frontal impact to reduce the risk of head injury with the following revolutionary Britax head safety technologies: base with safecell technology designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat. Integrated steel bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash. Energy absorbing versa-tether features a two-point attachment and staged-release tether webbing to slow the forward movement and reduce the crash forces reaching the child. The Roundabout 55 also incorporates Britax side impact protection to conta in the head and body and protect from the most severe types of crashes. Additionally, the five-point harness is tangle-free and the multiple buckle and recline positions, comfort pads, and infant body pillow provide premium comfort and positioning. Please click to see Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist.

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements - Marathon Decathlon or Roundabout

The covers are made to last through all a toddler dishes out! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we are confident you will be impressed with the quality of our products! Our covers are made to be washed, many times over, to keep them clean and comfy for your child. Every cover is made to the highest standard! Available for the Roundabout, Marathon or Decathlon. Contact us for the Regent and Boulevard. Please indicate the model car seat you have, if none is indicated a Marathon size will be sent Please email if you are in need of a Regent, Frontier or Boulevard cover, I make those by request. (prices vary) Please visit my storefront to see all 70+ designs. Please click to see Britax Replacement Car Seat Cover – Marathon Decathlon or Roundabout recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlis t.

Britax Child Cup Holder

The BRITAX Cup Holder allows your child to bring along their favorite drink in the car without worrying about where to put it. The BRITAX cup holder fits multiple sized containers including sippy cups, water bottles, juice boxes and drink pouches. It can be attached to either the left or right side of the seat, is dishwasher safe (top rack only), and is exclusively made for use on select BRITAX convertible car seats including the ROUNDABOUT 55, MARATHON 70, BOULEVARD 70, BOULEVARD 70 CS, and ADVOCATE 70 CS. Please click to see Britax Child Cup Holder recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist.


Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Cover Set

A quick and affordable way to give your car seat a fresh look, this cover and pad set fits any Britax Marathon car seat. Keeps Child Comfortable and Secure Beyond its cozy comfort, this set also helps ensure that your child is properly positioned and supported while in the seat. The infant positioning pillow keeps babies secure and provides a custom fit, while the two comfort pads and belly pad help your child feel safely surrounded in softness. Please click to see Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements product ( Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Cover Set )recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist.

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements – Britax Boulevard 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat

The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 convertible car seat accommodates children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 20 to 70 pounds. The Boulevard 70 G3 is purposefully designed and engineered to minimize the forward movement of your child’s head during a frontal impact to reduce the risk of head injury with the following revolutionary Britax head safety technologies; Base with SafeCell Technology designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat. Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash. Energy Absorbing Versa Tether features a two point attachment and staged release tether webbing to slow the forward movement and reduce the crash forces reaching the child. HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology are affixed to the seat shell to ensure proper positioning while SafeCells compress to manage en ergy and provide resistance to the forward movement of your child in a crash. Please click to see Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements Produk ( Britax Boulevard 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat ) recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist.

Britax Replacement Car Seat Cover – Marathon Decathlon or Roundabout

The covers are made to last through all a toddler dishes out! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we are confident you will be impressed with the quality of our products! Our covers are made to be washed, many times over, to keep them clean and comfy for your child. Every cover is made to the highest standard! Available for the Roundabout, Marathon or Decathlon. Contact us for the Regent and Boulevard. Please indicate the model car seat you have, if none is indicated a Marathon size will be sent Please email if you are in need of a Regent, Frontier or Boulevard cover, I make those by request. (prices vary) Please visit my storefront to see all 70+ designs. Please click to see Britax Replacement Car Seat Cover – Marathon Decathlon or Roundabout recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist .

Graco SnugRide 30 Infant Car Seat

Our top-rated Graco SnugRide 30 has been thoughtfully constructed and rigorously tested for safety, including side-impact testing, to help keep your baby secure from 4- 30 pounds. and up to 30″ tall. Its latch-equipped stay-in-car base makes it easier to get baby in and out, and includes an on-base level indicator to further simplify installation. Add in the removable infant body support and the EPS, energy absorbing foam, and it's easy to see why this infant car seat is one of America's favorites. latch-equipped stay-in-car base with on-base level indicator for hassle-free installation (to purchase an additional car seat base, look for the Snugride 35 infant car seat base, which will fit the Snugride 30 infant car seat). Please click to see Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements product ( Graco SnugRide 30 Infant Car Seat) recommendations that are exclusively tailo red for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist.

Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements

The ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat is part of the world class ProSERIES of child safety seats by Recaro, the international leader in automobile, racecar and child seat technology and a leading innovator in side impact protection. Assembled in the United States the ProRIDE is a high quality child restraint that provides parents and children the luxury and safety they need for happy travels. The ProRIDE incorporates Recaro’s Side Impact Protection designed to distinctly protect each of the 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact collision – their head, neck, face, torso and pelvis. Recaro developed and optimized side impact protection for racecar seats in the 1990′s then quickly adapted our expertise to set a new standard for premium child safety seats. EPS energy absorbing foam and the proprietary Recaro seat structure design combine to provide seating safety, style and comfort for your little one, once reserved only for the most prestigious automobil e and racing seats in the world. Real automotive PUR comfort foam in the head restraint, soft ware resistant fabric, CoolMesh Air Ventilation System and an ergonomic shell design provide luxury comfort qualities in the ProRIDE equal to the Recaro name. The ProRIDE exceeds all United States federal regulations for safety. For added safety, we test our seats through independent agencies including the globally respected ADAC. Because of our rigorous testing to the world’s most stringent safety standards, Recaro confidently believes our seats are the safest in the market. With expertise designing seats for the most prestigious automobiles, world-class racecars and premium child car seats, you can be assured of the quality and safety of the ProRIDE seat by Recaro. Premium features include; push button latch system with built-in storage, universal top tether, TrueLock belt lock-offs, QuickPull easy access harness adjuster, EasyAdjust no re-thread harness, SoftTouch head rest raint, CoolMesh air ventilation system. Please click to see Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Replacements product ( Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat ) recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist.

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Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats Review

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats

This longer Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats clicks right into the the smaller latch and we do not have to hunt for the latch any more. I bought Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats two, a 3 inch and an 8 inch. The 3 inch is perfect for summer, the 8 inch will be good with bulky winter attire. I purchased Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats so my son can help his self to buckling in. I did not believe this product would be beneficial, but it just big enough that my son can buckle his self in.  I honestly didn’t even know that there was such a thing as seatbelt extenders but my 5 year old son was having the hardest time getting his seatbelt buckled. He normally doesn’t have that issue but I just bought a new car and for some reason, only in my car is when he has almost no problem. He just couldn’t get the belt to pull down far enough to clip it in. So I ordered this for his and from that point on, there were no more probl ems and what was the hardest thing in the world for him became the easist thing the world for him to do. He was so excited that he took it and wrote his name all over it. But Just received this item and Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats snaps in perfectly, but the seatbelt won’t buckle into it. The only seat it works on in the center back seat, which doesn’t work for my cat seat. I measured carefully, but it still ended up being wrong, so be careful when ordering.

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats Product Description

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats,

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats

3″ Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats – Black – Type A (7/8″ wide metal tongue) – Buckles Right In!

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats are perfect for:
> plus-size people
> pregnant women
> fire fighters, police men and service persons with bulky equipment belts
> child booster seats
> those with limited mobility and range of motion


1. Check our Listings of Extenders by Vehicle

2. Measure the Width of Your Seat Belt’s Metal Tongue

With Extenders, the width and shape of the metal tongue are very important. Measuring is not a guarantee of success, but it’s a good step.

3. Send us a Picture of Your Seat Belt’s Metal Tongue

Please include the make, model and year of the vehicle, the seat placement of the metal tongue and your name.

IMPORTANT NOTES - Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats

Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats

We can never guarantee that any extender will fit in any particular vehicle.
The Regular Type B will NOT fit in a Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Dodge Grand Caravan or Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Rigid Type B will not fit in Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Jeep, Mazda, Chrysler or Toyota vehicles. This list is not exhaustive. Contact Us to find the most likely fit.

All seats in the same car can be different. Measure/send pictures for the exact seat belt you want to extend.

If your Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats doesn’t fit, it is not because it is meant for a different vehicle brand, regardless of its tags; it is because your car’s metal tongue requires a different Extender receptacle or metal tongue. We will always help if the Extender does not fit as expected.

Please click to see Seat Belt Extenders for Car Seats recommendations that are exclusively tailored for more information. Set to continue, find out about special offers or visit your wishlist.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen – Versand

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Das neue Galaxy SIII – designed for humans

Interaktion wird mit dem Samsung Galaxy S III zu einer intuitiven Selbstverständlichkeit. Es erkennt das Gesicht des Nutzers, versteht seine Stimme und weiß, was er vorhat. Ähnlich smart zeigt sich das Samsung Galaxy S III wenn es darum geht, Dateien mit anderen zu teilen oder auf anderen Geräten wiederzugeben. Vom leistungsstarken Prozessor geradezu beflügelt, ist es für das Samsung Galaxy S III ein Leichtes, mehrere Anwendungen und Apps parallel auszuführen und sogar zeitgleich das Betrachten eines Videos und das Schreiben einer E-Mail zu erlauben. Mit integriertem NFC hat das Samsung Galaxy S III auch die Zukunft bereits im Blick. Ein wahrer Genuss für das Auge ist die Brillanz und Schärfe des großen HD-Displays. Mit seinen abgerundeten Konturen liegt es zudem angenehm natürlich in der Hand und lässt sich so komfortabel bedienen. Die Smartphone-Evolution hat einen neuen Namen: Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Service- und Supportprogramme bieten wie Amazon. Da Versand durch Amazon auf für den KOSTENLOSEN Standardversand und Amazon Prime qualifiziert sind (Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen), können Sie höhere Preise festlegen und dennoch wettbewerbsfähig bleiben.

Wenn Sie Versand durch Amazon in Ihrem Verkäuferkonto aktivieren, fallen keine zusätzlichen Einricht- oder Grundgebühren an. Die Versand-Gebühren ( Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen ) variieren je nach Art (Medien oder Nicht-Medien), Abmessungen und Gewicht der Artikel sowie der gewählten Versandmethode. Beispielsweise beträgt die gesamte Bearbeitungsgebühr für ein Buch, das 450 g wiegt und auf bestellt wurde, nur 0,90 EUR ohne MwSt. und für einen 2 kg schweren Elektronikartikel nur 4,00 EUR.1

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Die Gebühr für die Rücksendung von Medien- und Nicht-Medien-Artikeln beträgt 0,25 € pro Einheit inklusive Versand2 (0,50 € pro Einheit inklusive Versand2 für Artikel mit Ãœbergröße – Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen ). Alternativ können Medien- und Nicht-Medien-Artikel für 0,10 € pro Einheit entsorgt werden (0,25 € pro Einheit für Artikel mit Ãœbergröße).

Bitte klicken, um Produktempfehlungen anzuzeigen ( Samsung Galaxy S3 in Nordrhein-Westfalen ), die ausschließlich auf Sie zugeschnitten sind Weitere Informationen.
Setzen Sie den Einkauf auf fort, informieren Sie sich über Sonderangebote oder besuchen Sie Ihre Wunschzettel. 

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DVI to HDMI Cable or HDMI to DVI Cable

dvi to hdmi

dvi to hdmi

DVI to HDMI Converter. HDMI which stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a system developed for transmitting uncompressed digital signals between hosts of compatible audio video devices. Just about every standard HDMI port existing today has HDTV is a very popular form of video viewing nowadays. There are many screens available that support this technology. However, the HDTV is yet to monopolies the market. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of devices that utilize a DVI (Digital Video Interface) connection was an industry standard developed to display high quality pictures on digital screens. This is quite different from the traditional VGA technology that used a picture tube. In the recent past, we had LCD flat screen displays that used this DVI technology.

If you have an HDCP compliant HDTV, you are probably going to want to use either an HDMI cable or a DVI cable. HDMI and DVI are both used to transmit digital signals from high definition devices to HDTVs. This cable is capable of connecting DVD players, set-top boxes, Play Stations, Xboxes and Audio Video receivers to HD televisions, computer monitors and countless other AV devices.

The difference between the two is that HDMI transmits a digital audio and video signal. DVI can only transmit video. DVI, or Digital Video Interface, was for a short time the industry-standard. This type of connection replaced the aging VGA technology that had been used for years. When plasma and LCD televisions began to gain popularity, most manufacturers utilized a DVI connection. The major drawback of DVI was the fact that it handled video only. Audio had to be connected using a separate cable.

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface was a big improvement over DVI. Not only does HDMI provide for both audio and video transfer. It moreover makes it possible for two devices to communicate with one another. HDMI also has a significantly greater bandwidth than DVI. The latest iteration of HDMI boasts speeds of over 10 gigabits per second; this meant that you would get high definition picture on the screen.

dvi to hdmi,

dvi to hdmi

An HDMI to DVI cable allows devices with HDMI ports to be connected to other devices that have only a DVI port. With the prevalence of devices that utilize HDMI, it is often handy to have an HDMI to DVI cable just in case a new device needs to be connected to an older monitor or television. This interface is rapidly becoming the de facto connection standard for HDTV’s and about 90 percent of the digital television sets produced in 2007, and  the end of 2009 all digital television sets would be fitted with at least one of these connectors.

The connector is manufactured in four different types, namely A, B, C and D. Type A has nineteen pins and is compatible with DVI-D. Type B has 29 pins and will transfer to double the bandwidth of the Type A. Type C has a mini connection with 19 pins like the A type and was designed for portable equipment. Type D is a micro connector also with 19 pins but the plug has been shrunk to look more like a micro-USB one.

There are several versions of the HDMI standard with each version being allocated a number. Currently, versions 1.0 to 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 are available with all the versions using the same cable but having increased bandwidth and capabilities for each subsequent version number.

How to Convert DVI to HDMI

dvi to hdmi,

dvi to hdmi

The DVI to HDMI converter allows easy converting of the DVI format to HDMI format with the use of a simple DVI to HDMI converter box. This conversion is an inexpensive solution that takes an existing DVI video signal and displays it on an HDMI television or the monitor without them need of upgrading the existing configuration of the video.

dvi to hdmi,

dvi to hdmi

The conversion of DVI video signal is required to connect the computer to a device which has either HDMI or Video Graphics Array input. Normally, the modern TV models have HDMI inputs while the older monitors have 15-pin VGA interface. The things required while converting DVI to HDMI include HDMI to DVI cable, DVI (male) to VGA (female) adapter and a standard VGA cable.

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Business Security Camera

Business Security Camera – System Reviews

Business Security Camera

Business Security Camera

Buying a business security camera system for you business certainly makes good sense considering the crime rates today. Business security cameras basically are cutting-edge aspects of security systems. They are more functional compared to security guards or burglar alarms. They are also useful in the identification of criminals.

There are so many options available that you will have a hard time finding what you need. So before you decide what business security you are going to get you will want to make sure that you do some research and talk to a professional.

It is always a good idea for any business to have a security system that has a camera. It can either be a system with CCTV or a wireless system. Because of the arrival of wireless technology, the usage of business security cameras has been made a lot easier. They no longer need to be connected through wires to a monitor. They could just be mounted on a ceiling or wall and instantly activated.

A dedicated monitor could be used in viewing the feed of a business security camera. You also have the option of modifying a desktop computer to be able to receive the signal of the business security camera. A desktop computer also has the benefit of having the capability of storing data, which has been sent by one and then save it on a different media.

Another option is to hire a company and have them, set up everything for you. Many business owners choose to go this route and leave it to the professionals. Depending on your budget this may be worth checking out.

There are a couple of white-collar companies that make use of them as a part of an effective and good employee monitoring system. Though this practice was considered to be controversial, it has been proven to improve the productivity of employees.

These are just a few ideas that any business needs to have to protect their employees and their property. Find out more about security for business before you decide because this will help to make your decision easier. Don’t rush your decision and don’t buy the first system you find because it may be totally wrong for your needs. So take your time.

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IP Security Cameras

IP Security Cameras Benefit

IP Security Cameras

IP Security Cameras

When such a theft takes place, it becomes difficult to point out who the culprit is. Investing in a good surveillance system will benefit you in the long run as it will give you peace of mind and keep your family safe. This makes it all the more important to consider an IP security cameras.

An IP camera is a security camera

That can be remotely accessed from over the Internet, hence the letters “IP,” which stands for “Internet Protocol.” You can sit at home and keep an eye on your vacation home. An IP camera is definitely better than any other surveillance equipment as it allows the individual to never take his eyes off the property because of the internet option mentioned below. Apart from that, panning, zoom and tilting make it possible to view images clearly from your home computer so that you can see what is going on. All video is in real-time and is accessible via most popular web browsers. This is a great way to keep your business and vacation home safe.

On the one hand, IP security cameras are nowadays desirable cameras among all users and agencies because they can supply many features and benefits in the surveillance. You can make a mobile access to the network having your system ID and password to check the safety of your property, with a high resolution images and with much bigger transmission for your data remotely. You can install the appropriate analog systems with different prices varies between cheap, good, and expensive costs. Get rid of your cables, if you want, you can monitor anything related to your system wirelessly (i.e. Laptops, iPods, iPhones, etc…).

Benefits of vacation home IP Security cameras surveillance

1) it use less excessive wiring and less equipment,

2) Therefore it is very convenient to install and maintain, so provide less cost,

3) it usually give a higher resolution image that mean clear images as seen in PC compare to analog camera.

4) So it will provide less long term running cost although IP security cameras may cost higher during early purchase compare to analog,

5) In term of specification IP camera is more versatile and provides more features.

6) it use less power due to using Ethernet so therefore less energy consuming,

7) With IP security cameras you shall get more advance feature that you can choose from. Such as: it also can also directly be control the zoom and tilt capabilities, day/night cameras, motion sensors,  removable infrared filters for sharper colors by day and clear black-and-white footage by night, encrypted signals allow for secure communication, monitor alarms, there is a program can be use to activate lights or locks if someone triggers those alarms, it also has software that you can use to program the IP security cameras to operate as what you need such as switch ON/OFF timer and what information you need to send to you or anybody else, can provide 2 ways of communication (not only watching).

One which is not only modern but also affordable, IP security cameras is recommended in this case. These cameras do not need to be connected onto a DVR or any other device as they come equipped with an Ethernet cable. The ideal solution for this is a surveillance installation of IP security cameras products.

Here are a few of the latest wireless home IP cameras available.

No-brainer setup, easy to use


y-cam IP Security Cameras

One company that is making waves in this area is Y-cam Solutions with their new HomeMonitor indoor system ($200). “Being a company that provides users with both sides of the security coin ( traditional professional IP cameras like the Cube and simple Wi-Fi cameras with online storage such as Home Monitor ) we are in a unique position to be able to understand the future of the market and how these more consumer-friendly cameras will make a difference,” said Y-cam CEO Devin Chawda. “We’ve been selling professional consumer IP cameras for years, but regardless of how simple we can make them to use, the technology is still overwhelming for most non-technical users. With the introduction of HomeMonitor, we wanted to make the technology available to everyone and not exc lude those that may not feel they have the technical expertise. Additionally, with the growth in adoption of Wi-Fi and smartphones this allows users to start benefiting from this technology that has previously been out of their reach.”

Chawda points out the entire HomeMonitor system can be set-up in a matter of minutes. “Every camera comes with instant remote access, there is no need to amend any router settings or venture into port forwarding, and, unlike other providers, we offer no-subscription, free seven-day rolling online cloud storage. We also provide free apps for iPhone and Android (Android release due this month) to make mobile viewing even easier.”


Netgear IP Security Cameras

Another IP unit to possibly add to your shopping list is Netgear’s VueZone system. The two-part Netgear VueZone Add-On Night Vision Camera (VZCN2060) ($130) includes a wireless night vision camera that lets you see in the dark. Use your connected device â€" a computer, smartphone, or tablet â€" to easily keep an eye on children, elderly relatives, pets, property, or vacation homes, from anywhere at any time. The video stream from the cameras can be viewed on any iOS or Android mobile device, and you can add up to 15 zones for monitoring. You also have the option to record footage directly to your mobile device or take snapshots.

Erich Volkert, senior director of product management at Netgear, points out that the VueZone does two difficult things to make things simple for the homeowner. “First, unlike IP cameras that require the user to understand [networking], VueZone requires no technical expertise. Secondly, VueZone cameras are 100-percent wire-free. Customers appreciate the simplicity and regularly tell us that they spent more time deciding where to put their cameras than they did setting them up.”


D-Link IP Security Cameras

D-Link expanded its line of cloud-enabled monitoring and networking solutions with two new wireless network imaging devices, the Cloud Camera 1050 ($80) and Cloud Camera 1150 ($100). Both cameras come with 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity, Wi-Fi Protected Setup that offers a simple three-step installation process, and H.264 video compression technology that takes up less network bandwidth while offering five times the amount of video storage.

Belkin’s IP Security Cameras

Belkin IP Security Cameras

Belkin’s NetCam Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision ($150) offers 720p HD resolution and connects directly to a Wi-Fi router without the need of a computer. You just need to download the free NetCam app to your mobile device and you’re good to go. The camera’s wide-angle video gives you a full view of any room, and clear digital audio lets you listen to pets or children at play. Even if the room you’re viewing is completely dark, you’ll see a clear picture via the infrared night vision. And to make sure you don’t miss any action, you can choose to receive e-mail alerts when NetCam detects movement.


Samsung IP Security Cameras

Samsung’s SmartCam ($149) offers high-resolution video recording and can even record events in the dark through the use of non-visible infrared LEDs (up to 15 feet). Requiring no manual configuration by the user, the Samsung SmartCam takes what was once a cumbersome and confusing setup and makes it as easy as a push of a button. Users simply locate the WPS button on the device and their home router (if it supports WPS), and with a click of each, the two will automatically sync and the camera will be added to the network in less than 30 seconds. Once connected to the home network, the user is asked to create an account at where they can then register their camera and view real-time footage from the device. No installation of software is required.

Foscam IP Security Cameras

Foscam IP Security Cameras

The Foscam FI9821W Black Wireless IP Camera ($200) is the company’s latest 720p HD IP camera. It is also their first camera to sport Foscam’s brand new web interface, allowing all features to be compatible with every standard browser on the market, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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Chicco Infant Car Seats

Chicco Infant Car Seats

Chicco Infant Car Seats and Base It’s very rare to find an infant car seat and base which work together so greatly to make the entire installation process easier. The KeyFit Car Seat and Base from Chicco works so well together that it is very different than other car seats. Other car seats don’t install half as easily as the Chicco Infant Car Seats. The KeyFit is a baby car seat ( see KISS car seats Guide ) which is also affordably priced to not bust wallets. Chicco Infant Car Seats can fit a range of child form 4-30 pounds

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat Foxy Reviews

Chicco Infant Car Seats

Chicco Infant Car Seats

Perhaps if I did not have a chicco infant car seats keyfit 30 to compare with, I might have not think so poorly of this First Years Via car seat, but they are similarly priced so it is a reasonable comparison. I got the Via (from Amazon Vine) because I thought it would be a good back-up car seat for our second car and I liked that it could handle babies up to 35 pounds.

The first thing I do with all baby gear is remove the fabric portions and wash them several times to remove/reduce the chemical fabric treatments (water repellants, flame retardants, dyes, and all other carcinogenic/ endocrine disrupting additions they put on baby stuff these days). The Via fabric cover began to come apart ofter the very first washing. After the second washing, it looked old and tattered. I didn’t have these problems with the chicco infant car seats. Putting the fabric back on the car sear was easier than the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat. Next, we attempted to install the base in our second car. It was not intuitive like the Chicco is. The Via was difficult. Despite the car being on a level surface we could not get the base to level even at the highest setting. We thought it might be the car, so we removed the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat base from our primary car and installed it in the second car. No problem getting the Chicco Infant Car S eats leveled. The instructions for the Via recommend to put a rolled up towel or a “pool noodle” (yes, really) under the base to make it level. We opted for the rolled up towel, but even then it wasn’t looking good. The second car has leather seats and the towel was sliding around easily stuffed under the end of the plastic Via. I am not sure that a pool noodle would have been much better.

Next, we try to latch Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat base to the straps in the car. Uhg. We got it done, but it isn’t quick and easy like the chicco infant car seats . And at the end of it, Chicco Infant Car Seats was loose compared to the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, even with the towel stuffed under it and making adjustments to the Via is a pain.

The carrying handle on the Chicco Infant Car Seats are thickly padded and my husband liked the feel of it in his hand more than the chicco infant car seats, but the Via is also heavier than the Chicco Infant Car Seats which made it more uncomfortable for me to carry. The carrying handle is loose on the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car. It has play of about an inch which gives it a shoddy feel and makes it noisy. The Chicco handle locks into a position and doesn’t budge.

The Via is more difficult to mount into and remove from its base than the chicco infant car seats which slides in and out of the base easily.

The level indicator on the via is a metal ball (about half the size of a marble) housed in a clear plastic tube. It is also noisy as it rolls around banging end to end in its tube. The level indicator on Chicco Infant Car Seats base is a liquid bubble and is silent and discreet.

The cons are few and far between and probably not worth taking off stars since I don’t know if these are things you can change about most infant carriers. There is a time from when your baby is born until they can sit up themselves that you must carry them in the car seat. The major flaw this thing has is that it does’t have slots to attach to a shopping cart. What will wind up happening is that you cannot go shopping unless you have another person with you. You will have to place the car seat inside the shopping cart which will take up the entire shopping cart and leave no room for groceries (unless you put them on your kid). The second person will have to get another shopping cart to put the groceries in. chicco infant car seats state that shopping cart latches aren’t safe (even though every other seat has them). What you will wind up having to do if you get stuck shopping by yourself is placing the car seat in the cart sideways and balance it with your hand while you shop. Yeah Chicco that’s a lot safer. You cannot even begin to image how annoying it is to have to shop with two carts. Also, sometimes car seat won’t fit inside smaller shopping carts at all. If that’s the case then you can’t go shopping. Who wants to drag round 25 pounds of baby and cart seat in one hand while they push a cart with the other hand?

But here goes, Not so good things::

  • Sunshade is pretty useless. Even with the extra flap pulled out; this hardly gives any sun coverage. I often found myself draping a blanket over the seat to adequately protect my baby from the sun.
  • I do think the chest latch could use some improvement in the design (i.e. more difficult to release). I don’t know how, but my daughter has managed to unlatch it a couple of times. That’s not very settling.
  • I believe the 30 indicates the weight of the seat- this is one of the heaviest seats around- it’s impossible to carry for long and the bad handle does not help.
  • The sunshield does not cover the baby- and to make things worse after 3 month it did not stick in the up position any more.
  • Do all carriers/bases have stickers on them that can’t be removed? I hate that I always look like some sort of instructionally challenged goon with 50 safety/warning/instruction stickers slapped all over the seat and base, but they were the kind of stickers that would NOT, for the life of me, peel off nicely. It’s hideous.
  • It is May now and the seat is already way to hot (at 75F!). The baby gets a very wet and sweaty – becomes uncomfortable and starts to cry. The only remedy is to stop the car and carry her around till she drives off a bit!

I do recommend having an expert inspect your seat, and that you read the instruction manual. For example, be sure to read about how long to keep in the infant insert before it becomes considered a possible risk as opposed to help (page 21 states to not use the infant insert for babies larger than 11 pounds–I never would have expected it to be that low!). Secondly, as cute as the Kiddopotamus is, or as convenient as the JJ Cole Bundle Me may be, the instruction book explicitly states that anything not manufacturer installed is considered dangerous and to not use it.


  • Quick and easy installation. My husband installed the base the day I went into labor (hooray for procrastination!) He had no issues installing it and every time we uninstalled/reinstalled the base thereafter was easier and easier. We did invest in an extra base for our other car, which was nice to have.
  • Seat is fairly lightweight. I confess that my daughter is now 14 months old and we still use this seat in one of our cars since she hasn’t technically outgrown it yet. She is near 20lbs and I still have no problem getting this seat in/out of the car. Our backseat is even higher than most (Honda Element). Of course, this might just be because I’m now ripped (thanks, motherhood).
  • Compatibility. I used this with the Maclaren Easy Traveler for several months, and it was just so nice to be able to take the seat out of the car and pop it onto the Easy Traveler as my stroller. I know this seat also works with the Snap N Go and chicco infant car seats now makes their own version of the infant carrier stroller frame. We later got the Cortina stroller which is compatible with this seat (but I hate the stroller).
  • Don’t know if most infant carriers are shaped like this, but the bottom of the seat is a nice, contoured shape. This meant when the seat was put on the floor, you could rock it back and forth with ease. It was perfect for soothing my baby to sleep and saved my sanity many times.
  • Fabric is easy to clean and seems pretty stain-resistant. My baby was the queen of spit-ups, but you’d never know it by looking at the fabric in the seat (FYI, we have the “Cubes” pattern).
  • Straps are easy to adjust.

Overall, this is a great seat. And, for the record, I chose Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat before contacting the expert who helped us install ours, but she told me this is Chicco Infant Car Seats she would recommend for us and that it really is top notch. So I do think it is important to check the babies and make sure that they are comfortable.

Chicco Infant Car Seats – Product Description

Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarms System Guide

Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarms

As much as we would wish otherwise, the world is not a safe place. Crime is a fact of reality, and it’s always a good idea to take precautions against it, whether in your home or business. You can never be too sure, and in that time, there are many solutions for business and home security needs. It is therefore; important to have  wireless alarms are installed; because these systems will do wonders dramatically improve the security of a home.

So what makes these Wireless alarms systems beneficial?

Establishment of a wireless alarms system installed can be a difficult process. Drilling holes in the wall for the son to run until the system is installed on the wall; it can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. In contrast, wireless security systems without son or installation techniques disorderly. You do not have to worry about walls and doors damaged during the process, which is expensive and time consuming to correct. The actual time to establish the wireless alarms system is also much shorter. Moreover, this alarm is as easy to install and use. You do not need professional help just to use them. Now read the manual and you become a professional installer. In addition, compared to an alternative choice, wireless alarms system are relatively inexpensive. You do not have to buy another one if you decide to move to a new ho use, just put the old one and you’ll feel as safe in your new home.

This option for home security works in a very easy way. Radio frequency signals are sent between a control panel and various sensors installed in an area. Detection devices on an alarm will monitor movements. These movements can be especially monitored by temperature differences from body heat. After a notable change occurs signals will be sent to the control panel.

A central panel is used for this option. The panel will sound off an alarm when improper movements are found. It can work with sounds or lights for people who cannot hear properly. Subscription based panels can work with call centers too. A signal is sent to a center who will contact the property when the alarm has gone off.

It is very easy to get an alarm installed because it is wireless. The panel will then be attached to a simple to reach a place. This is so that the panel can be easily controlled and accessed. A setup process that varies by the panel will need to work as well.

Some systems come with glass break sensors, which is a plus. This sensors trip wireless alarms if someone were to break your window or patio door. There are motion sensors that can detect motion approaches your home, and they detect motion in the house. In addition to all these possibilities, the available input sensors to let you know that present is a car or a person who comes home. Most wireless alarms can detect movement up to 30 meters, and some will detect movement beyond that distance. There are also magnetic contacts included with most systems being installed on your doors. When the switch is broken, it would be if someone were to open the door alarm, this alarm produces an ear piercing sound very strong. The majority also have an option that signals the light to flash.

While there a variety of wireless alarms on the market, it will be hard to choose if you have not thought about the kind of protection that you want. If you live in an area where there is a low crime rate, maybe you would feel comfortable with one of the versions that only produce an alerting sound. If you live in an area with frequent break-ins, you may want to go with something a bit more advanced such as the type of system you connect to your phone line. There are some systems that even have numerous cameras that wirelessly connect to a main base to provide not only an alarm, but also constant monitoring of your home and property.

Several alarm manufacturers often develop additional features, and enhancements can be added to existing alarms are thus secure payment. Systems wired security update is usually a task and may require a technician to make multiple trips to your property only to complete the process. Wireless alarms, an additional fee, can be updated without effort and is sometimes as simple as removing the old and replace it with a new one.

There will not be normally complex reconfiguration techniques to take place

There is the much other wireless alarms system available on the market and they all can work tremendously well for securing your person and property.  If safety remains one of your major concerns, it would definitely be wise to explore your purchasing options for these excellent devices. So take your pick from a variety of wireless alarms gadgets to suit your needs and budget.

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IP Camera

IP Camera – Network Camera Guide

IP Camera

IP Camera

Security’s concerns are more common now than they ever have been. While security is a general topic on many people’s mind, they do offer many advantages and ease of mind. Using the latest technology will offer you many benefits when monitoring your home with a security camera. IP camera is a new type of security camera that offers many benefits.

The most common benefit of an IP camera is the ability to view live video over the Internet from anywhere in the world. This offers the advantage of monitoring a location or property while a customer is not physically there to observe activity for suspicious behavior. It is possible to view CCTV cameras over the Internet. However, additional hardware and software are required.

IP camera (Internet Protocol) also called network camera is essentially a standalone camera that includes all necessary equipment and software needed for direct connection to the Internet without resorting to the intermediate service of a dedicated PC (Personal Computer).

Although most cameras that do these are webcams, the term “IP camera” is usually applied only to those used for surveillance.

There are two kinds of IP camera:

  • Centralized IP camera, which require a central network video recorder (NVR) to handle the recording, video and alarm management.
  • Decentralized IP camera, which have been recording functionality built-in and can thus record directly to digital storage media, such as flash drives, hard disk drives or network attached storage.

One should add that the similar term Webcam, initially simply intended as a camera connected to the web (The World Wide Web or www.) is now used to mean also different things having nothing to do with Home Surveillance.

The greatest single advantage to an IP camera equipped system is that the viewing area being sent by the camera can be sent literally anywhere in the world where Internet access is available. Keep in mind that an IP camera system, by its computer-based nature and the fact that it depends on networks, can be more technologically complex to set up and then maintain. It also depends on the strength and reliability of the Internet network through which it’ll be sending its data (digital, not analog and totally through the Internet, not via means of broadcast).

The special features in IP camera embedded operating system on a chip that allows the correct software, connectivity anywhere on a network without needing a dedicated PC. Connecting an IP camera is performed using a PC, but once completed, the IP camera to stay connected on their own, and transmitted images can be seen everywhere on the Internet. This feature allows you to switch from a dedicated PC connected and always on the site under surveillance.

System performance can be enhanced to include, in addition to IP cameras, motion sensors and a series of cameras that offer more coverage of the space, and e-mails, if necessary. IP cameras can compress video images and present them in the chosen format for recording and further investigations.

When the time to make sure you choose the right IP surveillance camera system is important. Looking over the various options and styles to get the best options you have been available. This is the best way to help you choose and options you have been available. However, we must remember that because the options and difficulties that may be encountered by lay installing highly technical equipment and software must be prepared to ask for help, someone who is willing and able to help with the setup of IP camera.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Home Intercom System

Home Intercom System Value

Home Intercom System

Home Intercom System

Home Intercom System those looking to add level of safety in their homes. Through the use of one, you can force an individual at the door to tell you who they are before letting them in. There are two main choices when you decide to buy home intercom system. Those choices are between a wired Home Intercom System or a wireless Home Intercom System. These days most people choose the wireless one, except for those situations where they live in a house that already has a wiring arrangement. Most people moving into newly constructed houses will have wireless ones installed while the house is being built, because it can cost quite a bit of money to have the wiring taken care of.

The value of Home Intercom System can vary dramatically depending on features, but a basic intercom will cost about $1200 for an average four or five bedroom home while a device with the major bells and whistles can sell anywhere within the range of $2500 to $5000 and more, depending on the features you want.

Choose Home Intercom system

No matter why you need one, variety of home intercoms are currently on the market. Take a look at the different kinds of home intercoms available so you can find the perfect one to fit your needs.

a) Wireless home intercoms install in minutes and are easy to operate. They offer fantastic range and clarity while being portable and light- weight.

b) Video telephone home intercoms combine all the best elements of communication into one ultra intercom. With this device you can see and hear approaching people and vehicles. You can also control the locks of your doors and gates.

c) Voice only home intercoms are perfect for convenient room-to-room communication.

d) Music home intercoms are both intercoms and music players. You can hook up radios, CD players, and speakers to your intercom so you can hear music through all the rooms in your house.

A selective call Home Intercom system allows the end user to selective a room station to communicate privately between room stations. This is done by dialing the room station by number. Some programming maybe required. An automatic selective call Home Intercom system allows the end user to talk privately between room stations. But the end user does not dial a selected room station. The automatic selective call initiates as an All Call once the talk button pressed. Once the call is answered from another room stations all the other room stations will go back to original settings and the call is now private.

So the right home intercom system choice for you just depends on your personal choice and the house you are installing it in. Those choices are between a wired intercom or a wireless intercom system (see wireless camera security article ). The installation cost of running the wires would be too high and wireless systems may have an interference problem if you have people living next door who are also using their own intercom system. There are also black spots that may surface in some of your rooms when you’re using wireless ones ( see wireless surveillance system guide ).

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