Thursday, December 27, 2012

Power Wheels DC Super Friends Batman Lil' Quad

These small four wheelers have all the basic things a full size four wheeler will have only smaller. It is hard to put a recommended age on these types of rides because everyone is different. Some people are a lot more protective of their kids than others to the point that some would consider them over protective. While others seem to think their little ones are indestructible, I think I fall somewhere in between. And this is without mentioning all the laws about kids and ATV’s. All I’m saying is there are racing leagues for some fairly young kids just understand what these machines can do before sticking your kids on them, they are dangerous. And for heavens sake buy some protective equipment for them it is well worth the money for their safety. Anyways I will get off my soap box.
Now I have read countless forums and blogs here online about all the different brands like Polaris, Alphasport, Suzuki and on and on. It seems that everyone has their own opinion on what the best brands and models are. All I know is that when my children are of age and I feel they are mature enough I will be getting them their own gas powered four wheelers. And this is where this Four-wheeler’s article and reviews comes in; below you will find several of the best small four wheelers for kids of any age.
 “The Batman Lil Quad is GREAT. I have 3 children 5 and under and they all ride it. My 5 year old is too big but it is durabal and hasn't had any trouble moving while he is on it. My 3 year old rides it all over the house and is waiting for spring when she can take it outside and my 18 month old is just learning to push and hold the button. The quad has excellent traction on grass, cement, carpet, etc. We live on about 3 quarters of an acre and he goes all over the yard, it will even go in areas where the grass is really thick and high without getting stuck. He has not yet mastered the steering, but after being showed once he got the hang of pushing the button to make it go; by djbarker
“He still might be a little too young to hop on it by himself...but I think this is something he will grow into. The motor is plenty strong and this is a great motorized toy for younger kids because it doesn't move very fast. There is no reverse if they go head first into'll have to pick it up or slide it into position again. The "go" button is easily placed on the handle bars and my son immediately went for it to push. It would of been nice to have two color coded switches for forward and reverse though; by Danny Kotzian
My son absolutely LOVES this. He rides it around all day, he's only 18 months and he easily figured out how to ride it; By Crystal from Salt Lake city Utah”

“The one thing I don't like is that it only goes forward because its just one button that makes it go but since my son doesn't use it anyway that really doesn't matter! LOL; By Jamie Jam from Fayetteville, NC”
“I'm a little sad because the last week I see the price and it was $ 74, today I see has already increased and I cannot buy because it's out of my budget; By JC_25

“My only complaint with that process was that it was really hard to put the stickers on without them bubbling up in places where the Bike is curved. My one year old was terrified of it at first because of the sound it makes when moving. The little motor makes a sound much like remote control car...but louder; by Danny Kotzian
“Please be sure you are purchasing this for someone and it will not be a duplicate. I made the mistake of ordering this for my grandson and someone else had already purchased this for him. Amazon will not accept returns due to the battery even though they ship it to you they cannot accept it back. In other words, NO RETURNS!! I did not like that at all. I had not even opened the box it came in. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS ITEM; By sealady

Gmbarnya bro/…………………………………
This sporty ATV style features a Batman color pallet with cool Batman graphics. Its a rechargeable 6-Volt entry level BPRO that goes 2 mph forward.

  • 6V Battery included
  • Forward speed: 2 MPH
  • Recommended for ages 12 - 36 months
  • Large push-button for simple stop-and-go and built-in footrests
  • Designed with toddler-friendly features for the littlest riders, safe, comfortable ride

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